Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

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Discord is one of the most widespread communication software designed for gamers, but sometimes, it can cause several audio issues while playing games.

Discord can reduce or even mute the game volume while running in the background during voice calls because it enhances the volume of the teammates to provide better understanding. Sometimes, wrong or corrupted settings can cause the games to become quiet during voice chats, but simple solutions can fix this.

In today’s article, we will discover why Discord makes your game quiet while running in the background. This article will cover all the reasons, with step-by-step methods to help you eliminate this issue. So, let’s dive into the topic without wasting any more time.

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet?

Attenuation can lower the volume of your game, making it even quieter. The Discord application’s wrong voice and video settings can cause several compatibility issues, completely muting the game and computer’s volume. Choosing the right sound drivers in Discord settings and from Windows is also crucial.

Windows communication activity can interfere with the attenuation settings of Discord, causing such issues. The exclusive control settings of Windows 10 can also interrupt your Discord application voice and video settings by muting your game while running in the background, just like sound monitoring apps.

Your Discord’s wrong voice and video settings can also affect the volume of your game. System volume and volume mixer also play a crucial role in adjusting the volumes. Sometimes, you may need to re-install Discord to reset the sound settings to eliminate these compatibility issues muting your game.

Hardware malfunctions such as headphones or speakers disconnectivity can also cause Windows sound driver issues. You may have different Windows drivers selected from Discord’s voice and video settings. All of the possible reasons are mentioned below. Just remember to check your ports and wires. Here are the reasons why your Discord makes your game quiet:

  • Attenuation
    Attenuation is a configuration of Discord that enhances the volume of your voice chat members by reducing the overall volume of your computer system. It can mute your game during calls.
  • Windows Communications Activity
    If Discord is not letting you configure the attenuation settings, it may be because the Windows communication activities interfere with Discord settings. 
  • Exclusive Control
    The wrong configuration of Windows exclusive control settings can block your game’s volume by interfering with the Discord application. Switching these controls can significantly change the sound driver’s impact.
  • Sound Monitoring Applications
    Some sound monitoring or enhancement applications, such as voice meters, can cause driver incompatibility, leading to quiet games during voice chats. These applications can interrupt or limit the sound volume.
  • Voice & Video Settings
    Wrong configuration of Discord’s voice and video settings, such as selecting unsupported sound drivers from settings, can result in such audio problems while gaming.
  • System’s Volume
    Users or some corrupted applications, such as pirated games, can cause your system’s volume drivers to crash, resulting in gameplay with no sound. 
  • System’s Volume Mixer
    Sometimes, it can be as simple as checking the game volume isn’t muted from the Windows built-in sound volume mixer. 
  • Operating System Error
    Un-updated or corrupted operating system files on your computer system can cause these types of volume errors, making your game and other applications completely mute while multitasking.

How To Fix Discord That Making Your Game Quiet?

You can fix it by turning the attenuation feature from Discord’s user settings. If somehow Windows is interfering with the sound settings, configuring the Windows communication activities can also help to resolve this issue. Turning off exclusive sound controls for applications can also help significantly.

Uninstall or close the sound monitoring applications because they can interfere with the Discord and game to mute the sounds, causing confusion and frustration. Proper configuration of sound drivers from Discord user settings is also necessary for better performance and to avoid these issues.

Checking the volume should have been your first instinct, but updating the volume driver to fix these errors is a very easy solution. Volume mixer settings can sometimes mute the game or other audio-detectable applications. Re-installing a corrupted Discord is also suggested to reset all voice chat settings.

Updating your Windows or re-installing a fresh version to eliminate corruption is one of the most reliable methods to fix these problems. If you have a faulty hardware component, such as a headphone or speakers, you may need to replace or repair them. Solutions to fix the volume issues are mentioned below:

Disable Attenuation From Discord User Settings

Attenuation is a built-in feature of Discord that reduces the volume of all the other applications to enhance the voice chat volume during gameplay. A high percentage can also mute the applications and games. This feature should have been set to 0 by default, and you can easily configure it in user settings.

  • To turn off theAttenuation feature, run Discord and openUser Settings by clicking the “Gears” icon located beside the username. 
  • Now scroll down to “App Settings” and open the “Voice & Video” tab. Again, scroll down till you find the “Attenuation” bar, and slide it to the “0” value from right to left.
  • This will turn off the Attenuation feature of Discord, and now you can hear the sound of the game and all other applications at the same volume.

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

Configure Windows Communication Activities

If, somehow, Discord is not letting you disable the Attenuation feature, it may be due to Windows communication activities inflicting Discord’s user settings. After joining the voice chat channel, your game suddenly mutes or reduces the volume of all applications; you have to turn off these activity settings.

  • Right-click” on the “Volume” icon from the lower-left corner of the taskbar. Open the “Sounds” option.
  • Switch the tabs to “Communications” and select “Do nothing” from the given options of “When Windows detects communications activity:” options.
  • Now apply and click “OK” to process and function the settings.
  • This will now block Windows from interfering in your communication activities and will not reduce or mute the volume of your game or applications.

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

Turn Off Exclusive Controls of Windows

Exclusive controls of sound drivers can modify the settings by lowering the volume. It is why turning off the exclusive controls of Windows sound drivers is essential to eliminate volume reduction. It can be turned off or modified from the installed device driver’s advanced properties in the “Sound” panel.

  • Open the “Sound” settings by “Right-clicking” the volume icon located on the lower-left corner of “Taskbar.”
  • Navigate to the “Playback” tab and select your desired or default audio driver. Now open the “Properties” of that specific sound driver, and go to the “Advanced” tab.
  • Uncheck “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” and apply, then click “OK.”

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

Uninstall or Close Sound Monitoring Applications

Sound monitoring applications can also inflict various bugs and errors while playing games during a voice chat on Discord. These can be easily resolved by closing these applications using “Task Manager” or uninstalling these from “Control Panel” to remove their respective sound drivers that can cause issues.

  • To close these applications, open the Windows “Task Manager” from the taskbar or press the “CTRL + Shift + ESC” shortcut keys.
  • From the Task Manager’s “Process” tab, scroll to these applications, select and click the “End task” button in the lower-right corner.

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

  • To uninstall these applications, open Windows “Control Panel” and navigate to “Uninstall a program” located beside “Programs.”
  • In the uninstallation menu, select these sound monitoring applications and click the “Uninstall” text mentioned above.
  • It will ask you to remove the selected application, confirm, and wait for the process to complete.

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

Configure Voice & Video Settings of Discord

Accurate selection of sound device drivers in Discord’s “Voice & Video” settings is crucial to work properly. Also, adjusting the volume bars in the “App Settings” can help reduce or increase the volume of your Discord voice chat. Decreasing the voice chat volume can enhance your gaming sound significantly.

  • Run Discord and open the “User Settings,” scroll down to “App Settings,” and open the “Voice & Video” tab.
  • Now choose the correct “Input Device,” which will be your microphone, and choose “Output Device” for your speakers or headphones.
  • You can also modify your microphone volume as “Input Volume” and Discord sound as “Output Volume.”

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com

Configure the System Volume’s Mixer

Check the volume level of your game and Discord. Sometimes, we increase or decrease the volume from the Windows volume mixture. This can be checked using the Volume mixture settings. Here’s how:

  • To open the settings, right-click the speaker icon in the taskbar (lower-right corner) and choose “Open Volume Mixer.”
  • In the Windows Volume Mixer, you will find a list of presently operating applications, each with its volume slider.
  • If you’re on Windows, locate the Discord icon in the Volume Mixer and modify the volume slider to your preferred level. You can adjust the volume as necessary.
  • Open Discord and your game simultaneously and verify that the volume levels are now to your satisfaction. It may be necessary to fine-tune the volume parameters in Discord and the game to achieve a balanced sound.

Why Does Discord Make My Game Quiet? Solved | audiofficial.com


It can be annoying when Discord makes your game quiet, but you can fix the issue with a few easy steps and some testing. Discord is an important way for gamers to talk to each other, but it can sometimes mess up your game’s audio settings for different reasons.

We looked into what might be causing this issue. We found that it could be Discord’s reduction feature, Windows communication activities, exclusive control settings, soundtracking apps, the wrong voice and video settings, system volume, or even hardware problems. You may notice that your game goes quiet during voice chats because of any of these things.

But the good news is that these problems can be fixed well. Discord’s attenuation feature can be turned off, Windows communication settings can be changed, soundtracking apps can be closed or uninstalled, Discord’s voice and video settings can be changed, and the system volume mixing can be checked.

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